6 Sentences About Corvus Rising

NEWCover1. Ecofantasy rules this tale about the Earth and our place in it, while romancing the boundary between fantasy and reality—a wide zone of completely reasonable yet fantastic possibilities that unites the conscious mind with the otherworld of intuition, dreams, illusions and memory.

2. Human development threatens the mystery and reclusive wildness of an enchanted island that is home to an unusual population of blue-eyed crows, a secret legacy of botanical treasures, a Jesuit priest and the bones of his hermit predecessor.

3. The crows (Corvus brachrhynchos), and the ravens (Corvus coraxof the island converse with one another in a hybrid inter-species language known as the Patua’ —the name also given to a genetically gifted group of humans, including the Jesuit, with whom they converse, share common interests and form lifelong friendships.

5. A gifted painter dreams of crows, who finally spill into her daily life and lead her inevitably to the island, where she discovers a few secrets entirely her own.

4. The island of crows dwells in the collective psyche of the city folk dwelling across the river and inspires a continuous array of myths, legends, art, and poetry.

6. Corvus Rising hits the Kindle rack on Amazon on December 18th!



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