Corvus Rising is back out there….and so am I!

2014 is almost here. What a relief.  The year ended in darkness, as it always does, thanks to the Winter Solstice. A delicious forgetfulness almost ensued with the orgy of cookies and chocolate brought to me by Christmas. I am grateful now for this boundary between new and old; I can imagine leaping over it and leaving behind all that does not belong in my present or future.

I cancelled my publishing contract for my first novel, Corvus Rising, which meant creating all new print files and an opportunity to fix a few remaining glichés. I’ve also added a map and a glossary of a few terms from the Patua’ (pronounced: pah-TWA)—the ‘language of the crows’—and a new cover.

I launched the new Kindle edition on December 17, (find it here at and am working on the Print On Demand version, to go live within the next few weeks.

CorvusRisingCover2Click here or on ebook cover for synopsis

I left a few things behind in 2013—a home and a marriage. I’m on my own again. I love this new place, this landscape both within and without. Now that the Winter Solstice is many days passed, I feel a sense of hope return.

I embrace the new life ahead of me, the new beautiful landscape at the foot of the Rockies, new friends, new art. Oh—and for those eagerly awaiting and/or nagging me for Book 2, which I have tentatively named Patua’ Underground —it’s on the way! I’ll post updates, details and excerpts as it unfolds.

I’m putting it all out there. Again.

Happy 2014.


2 thoughts on “Corvus Rising is back out there….and so am I!

  1. Hi Mary, I would like to read this book of yours very much. But alas I can’t buy from amazon, I live in the netherlands and have no credit card. I can pay with paypal though. I can’t find a shop that sells the book. Can you help me? I also read somewhere on this site that you where going to look into print on demand? Greetings and all the best from a Frisian Corvus lover.


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