Adobe Photoshop PDFCorvus Rising

My first!
—a fantasy tale about an extraordinary yet nearly extinct group of humans who speak the Patua’—the language of the crows….<more…>



An excerpt…


Written from the perspective of a group of intelligent crows and ravens (the Corvids) Corvus Rising sheds light on the environmental destruction taking place in our world in the name of progress, economic development, jobs and greed. <continue reading>


Short Stories

First Crow, First Raven, First Human, the Way it Might’ve Been

df6c072e1fe5a5ce7fc590df721af24cFirst Campfire   The sound of the humans teeth chattering…<more>

Tan Me Hide and Teach Me to Sew  …well before the first human took a bite of the first apple from the Tree of Knowledge….<more>

The Still  Driven to drink from the Garden of Eden….<more>

Let Them Eat Corn …..humans grew smarter and smarter, while Crow and Raven grew wiser and wiser…<more>


JudasCrowCover2The Judas Crow

I wrote this short story from inside the mind of the Judas Crow—having no idea about Judas or Jesus or betrayal on a scale it seems only our species is capable…..<more…>







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