About me…

I’m a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and have spent nearly my whole life there. Being a late bloomer in almost everything. I finally left this, my ancestral home at the tender age of 50. After a stint teaching Geology in Indiana, and a brief return to Albuquerque, I now live in the area of Colorado known as the “Western Slope”

Within this landscape I write my stories….told to me by the voices inside my head, in their own sweet time.

Corvus Rising is my first fictional work, and I have the best intention to finish the second book–the sequel. Any day now….

Being a DIY sort of person as well as of limited funds for book publishing, I learned how to format the interior text and create custom book covers—for my own books as well as others. Please see the tab The Book Midwife for more info.

My love of rocks and mountains led me to obtain a Master of Science degree in Geology, which I find utterly useful and endlessly delightful in this glorious life on beautiful Earth.

I also make art. My whole life. Jewelry, Pottery, Graphic Art…it’s all here.

Thanks to my mother, Rita M. Simmons, who opened my childhood to the World of Art.

Read, love, make art, forgive…