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ShopLogo.jpgGreetings and Welcome!

Herein lies the art that I do, the art that I have done, and the future artworks that flow through me from the Universe. Some I sell, some I keep, some I give away. And some languish in the land of the yet to come…

My formal education is in Geology, and I have put it to good use teaching, and in making art of Clay, Metal, Stone, and Paint…Having an understanding of the chemistry, structure and origin of rocks and minerals has only increased my love and understanding of the physical Earth. I have come to embrace  rocks as beings that grace our landscapes with beauty, and our dreams with glimpses of eternity.
Thank you for the visit…

Rock on, read on!
-Mary C Simmons


Click here or the photo to see more the jewelry I have made using the amazing gifts of Rock and Mineral from Earth





Graphic Art…

Tree of Life Blank Art Cards 2018 for all occasions

Hand drawn original art (by me) using ink and colored pencils. These cards are printed on card stock and come with a white envelope, all within an acrylic plastic sleeve.
How the Tree of Life Cards came to be…<here>



Clay Art

Mud as in Clay!

Clay was the first paint…long, long ago. Like 15,000 years. Clay holds color rather well, but the palette is somewhat limited to Earth tones found in the landscape…which sometimes includes turquoise, and other colors, however.

I collected such clays, and processed them into paint, and then painted with them…the complete story right <here> including the paintings I made from these colorful landscape clays.

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